The Protect Children has received significant, international End Violence funding for the innovative ReDirection project

The ReDirection project aims to prevent online sexual crimes against children. The goal of the project is to produce new research and information as well as develop ReDirection self-help programme for people who search, view and distribute images and footage that depict sexual violence against children.

‘The project primarily focuses on preventive measures and research where the problem is the worst – on the Tor network platforms. The ReDirection programme aims is to prevent the use of illegal child sexual abuse material and provides a new ways to reduce re-victimization.”

Nina Vaaranen-Valkonen
Executive Director, Senior Specialist at Protect Children

The idea is that by preventing crimes at an early stage, we protect children in the most effective way,

Hanna-Leena Laitinen
Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy, Senior Specialist at Protect Children

The ReDirection self-help programme is based on the UUSI SUUNTA Individual Program for Sex Offenders, already in use in Finland and Estonia. The programme will be available in Finnish, English and Spanish. ReDirection programme will also be implemented to a wider linguistic region, to Colombia in Latin America in collaboration with Red Papaz.

We will combine new research in the Tor network with the latest international research results and effective treatment programmes. The project will outline a societal significant perspective and change towards stronger prevention of sexual crimes against children, says Tero Toiviainen, Senior Specialist at the Police University College.

Online sexual crimes against children are international criminality. The ReDirection project has a significant societal impact in helping to solve the global social and public health problem and promote the rights of the child. 

Experts of ReDirection project

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